Kulur Group Announces Nicholas Love as Inaugural CEO

Houston, Texas - January 22, 2024 - Kulur Group, a diverse-owned national challenger brand agency that specializes in business brand reputation management and omni-channel marketing, has named Nicholas Love as its inaugural Chief Executive Officer, effective February 1, 2024. This significant appointment marks a bold new era in Kulur Group's commitment to driving business revenue in North America through innovative and diverse community engagement.

Kulur Group is distinguished for its unique omni-channel approach to the global marketplace. The Group excels in helping brands connect and engage with diverse communities in innovatively creative ways that drive increased brand visibility, stronger connectivity to target communities, and growth. Kulur Group's philosophy is rooted in partnership and curiosity; inspired by data and groundbreaking technologies that help brands address the market's most pressing needs.

“I'm both humbled and excited about the opportunity to lead Kulur Group as its first CEO. Kulur Group is building something special, and having the privilege to facilitate client and partner excellence alongside some of the industry's most creative, strategic, and disciplined minds is truly a dream come true,” said Nicholas Love, Kulur Group CEO. “Kulur Group is an agency built with diversity and inclusion ingrained within its DNA, and I will lead with an acute understanding that ideas are king and the best ideas are formed as a collective influenced by different perspectives.”

Love is a two-time graduate of Grambling State University and a two-time Adweek Executive Mentee. He brings nearly 20 years of expertise and industry prowess. He has held significant roles at both Hotwire Global Communications and G&S Business Communications. Love’s virtuosity is further enriched by his national recognition as a social media and marketing thought leader who has graced stages such as SXSW and Brandwatch's “Now You Know.”

As Agency Principal at Kulur Group, Love has already played an instrumental role in shaping the company’s vision, mission, and growth footprint. His listen-first leadership style and challenger mindset have resulted in big wins for Kulur Group in tech, non-profit, and veterinarian sectors. Love is also the brainchild behind Kulur Group’s “Are You D.O.P.E,” initiative that has provided pro-bono marketing support to Black Women entrepreneurs, and diverse-owned companies in the technology sector. Additionally, Love’s keen focus on talent development, and skill diversity promotes a culture of curiosity, collaboration, and excellence that is highly praised by Kulur employees and associates.

"Under Nick’s leadership, Kulur Group is poised to continue its exponential growth not only within public sectors and enterprises but also within historically marginalized communities,” said Kulur Group Co-Founder Willie Blue. “Kulur Group's vast capabilities and diverse team of experts, coupled with Love's vision, pave the way for a vibrant and unparalleled future for Kulur Group’s core verticals of Higher Education, Tech, Non-Profits, Financial and Professional Services, and Veterinary Services.”

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The Kulur Group is a diverse-owned, full-service challenger brand agency that helps brands communicate and market bold ideas and passion through rigor and discipline. Visit kulurgroup.com to learn more about how emphasizing diversity and being allergic to the plateau helps Kulur Group form influential communities that enhance brand reputation and relationships, resulting in significant growth and revenue.

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