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Houston, TX, December 29, 2023 - At Kulur Group, we collaborate with challenger brands that make a difference. For us, "DOPE" is more than just a trendy term; it's an essential quality for success in today's competitive business landscape and a fundamental principle of our organization. We believe that the identity of such a brand is largely shaped by its mindset.

After an extensive review and selection process, we are excited to unveil the three winners who exemplified the D.O.P.E (Dare to Disrupt, Positively Opportunistic, Possibilities through Partnership, Executing Change) criteria in their respective fields. These brands align with our core values at Kulur Group and demonstrate an unwavering commitment to innovation and social impact.

Kulur Group is thrilled to announce the winners of the inaugural "Are You DOPE" program, designed to empower minority and women-owned tech companies with cutting-edge marketing expertise.

Grand Prize Winner: The Cadence Cash Equal Access Fund - As a growing non-profit loan fund and a Certified Community Development Financial Institution, the Candence Cash Equal Access Fund, is dedicated to promoting financial inclusion and empowerment in underrepresented communities. They aspire to create a world where all small businesses have equal opportunities to succeed and flourish by leveraging cutting-edge technology, fostering partnerships, and promoting financial inclusivity.

Second Place: Curated Corporate - A strategic consultancy focused on the intersection of diversity and business, Curated Corporate excels in cultivating workplace cultures that emphasize inclusivity and impact. Their innovative approach to cultural competency training and organizational development positions them as a leader in fostering inclusive excellence in the corporate world.

Third Place: Hayti - This Black-owned news app has made a significant mark by becoming the largest platform for podcasts led by Black hosts. Hayti offers users access to over 2,000 Black podcasters, delivering diverse and inclusive content across the African diaspora.

Each winner will receive tailored services starting in January 2024, ranging from comprehensive SEO and digital advertising audits to messaging and story development, ensuring they have the tools to thrive and make a lasting impact.

“We are honored to partner with these DOPE brands and look forward to witnessing their continued growth and success,” says Agency Principal, Nicholas Love. “This program is a testament to our commitment to working with challenger brands that aspire to change the world, and we are excited to see what the future holds for our winners and the communities they serve.”

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